Show Notes: My Brother Majestic

This is the first time I sat down with my brother I Majestic about a year ago during our travel to Venice Beach. Majestic has been my ace since day one and he will be back around for future discussions on a wide range of topics. I love him dearly and would not be who I am with out him. Some things to think about from our conversation (listen first then read the rest):

  • Shared Expectations - before you get all up in your feelings about outcomes in your life and relationships ask yourself, were we on the same page? Did we ever talk about what we want and who we are?

  • Travel - Get out of your space and see some other shores. We used to travel five deep in a rental on twenty-four to forty-eight hour power trips and see it all. We travel together and we travel alone, but you got to get on the move. Love where your from, but don't act like the rest of the world is not happening out there.

  • Family - understanding family and what it means, who is apart of it, and how to actually be family is not to be taken for granted. 

  • Ethics - Do you operate in a way that anyone can be proud of you? Can we reestablish a culture that praises the ethical person? What are you ethics? Do you adhere to them and why? All things for you to explore.

  • Nothing to sale on the exit for this one, but keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities to support.