Establishing Your Boundaries with Brentin Mock

One of the best parts of living through your youth into middle age is seeing the adults your peers grow to be. Brentin Mock is father, husband and writer. I have known Brentin since our time as young men figuring it out on Pitt’s campus in the mid 90s. Since that time Brentin has built a great body of work as writer for several media outlets. Contributing works on issues from environmental justice, our judicial system, music, and more. We talk fatherhood, being a man in partnership, and setting your priorities personally and professionally. Please take the time to read through his catalogue, add him to your rss feed, and share in your circles. I thank Brentin for making time to share with me. Please listen and add on.


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Ask Your Oldhead is a creative project exploring modern masculinity at the intersection of race, gender, culture, and class. We are specifically interested in capturing the stories of transition from child, to young man to healthy adult. Please listen, rate, share, and subscribe.

Show Notes: My Oldhead

We are nothing without the people that we love. Zyhier is one of my big brothers and an important part my story. Everyone that I interview for the show will not be as close to me as he is,  so please tread with respect if you take issue with anything that comes up in our dialogue. Live, learn, teach. Peace

The Spook Who Sat By the Door
By Sam Greenlee
The Spook Who Sat By the Door
Starring Lawrence Cook, Janet League, Paula Kelly, J.A. Preston, Paul Butler

Show Notes: A Legacy of Competence

In this inaugural episode of the Ask Your Oldhead Podcast, I discuss one of the underlying concepts that inspired me to start this project. The transmission of a legacy of competence is vital to ones personal growth and finding a place for themselves in the world. I am a stand up dude. I feel confident putting that in print. Who I am is a result of those I have had in my life to show me the way and the choices I have made. It is culture. External factors impact our lives and guide many of our choices. Culture responds to those forces equipping us to adapt to world and sustain our sense of self. That is why I started with this episode. Please add on with your thoughts on twitter at @askyouroldhead.  Peace

Know Thyself
By Na'im Akbar