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Assertiveness - Being assertive means being positive and confident. You are aware tha you are a worthy person with your own special gifts. You think for yourself and epress your own ideas. You know what you stand fo and what you won't stand for. You expect respect.

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Louisana seeing big changes in the treatment of the oil and chemical industries

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Financial Intelligence

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Self Determination - Kujichagulia


Self determination is one of the most important concepts you will need to learn youngster. If you are going to grow up and be a high level human being or at least a half-decent human being self determination will be one of the most useful tools in your bag. 

What is it? Why is it important? These are good questions, I may or may not answer them to your liking in the following lines, why? Because giving you all the answers does not help anyone.  Proper guidance is a mix of answers, questions, examples, directions, and blank stares.  I am here to set you on the path, not build the house for you.  You have to have the self determination to build your own place with the bricks, boards, and tools shared with you.

This is not, learn something.

Awe wait don’t tell me you are leaving. 

You pulling the rip cord, because I tell you, you have something to learn, but I didn’t give you all the information?  I didn’t show you where to find it in the book?  I didn’t give you clear instructions?  There are somethings you can learn in any book, but will not find in the text.  Dig me?  You tell a man your hungry, he gives you a stick and points you towards the river, get the message. 

Without learning to see the world within the design of your own mind you will not see the best part.  You can use some guides and tools, we all do, but you have to walk it yourself. You have to question your assumptions, beliefs, and experiences.  You have to challenge you elders, your peers, and the world around you show and prove that what they are selling you is not a hot plate of manure.  You have to risk embarrassment, shame, and rejection to get to a place of confidence and clarity. You may have to skip some holidays, break some hearts, and occasionally be the asshole. 

In the end I hope you will find your path and be better people.  Get after it.